Herbal AVR (anti-viral)
Herbal AVR (anti-viral)

Herbal AVR (anti-viral)

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HERBAL AVR (anti-viral) is a first line supplement to treat acute and chronic viral infections. This is a good formula to have on hand during the cold and flu season.

Viruses are microscopic organisms composed of a small piece of genetic information (RNA or DNA) inside a protective shell. Viruses cannot reproduce without a host. For infection to occur, the virus must attach and enter the host cell, replicate itself inside the host cell, and release new viruses to infect other host cells.  Some common viruses include the flu, the common cold, RSV, and COVID-19.  Viral infections become a problem when the host's protective immune mechanisms are compromised. Many of these patients experience persistent infections because the body is unable to clear the virus after the initial infection. Therefore, optimal treatment requires simultaneous efforts to treat the infection and strengthen the immunity. HERBAL AVR is a balanced formula to treat acute and chronic viral infections by eliminating the virus, clearing toxic inflammation, and strengthening the body's own defense system.  

HERBAL AVR is ideal for:

  • Viral exposure or infection with the flu, the common cold, viral pneumonia, RSV, or COVID-19

  • Throat infections: soreness, swelling, and inflammation of the throat

  • Fever and body aches

  • Infection and inflammation of the lungs 

For established lung involvement with wheezing and phlegm, combine with RESPITROL HEAT. 

HERBAL AVR provides:

  • Antiviral effect to inhibit viral replication

  • Virucidal effect to kill viruses

  • Immunostimulant to enhance the immune system


For treatment of viral exposure or infections, take 5 capsules three times daily on an empty stomach with warm water. Begin herbal treatment with the first sign of viral infection and continue for one to two weeks or until symptoms resolve. If combining with RESPITROL HEAT, take 3 capsules three times daily of each of the two formulas.