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Respitrol Heat

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RESPITROL HEAT is a go-to formula to treat respiratory disorders characterized by heat and inflammation that occur with the flu, COVID, RSV, and pneumonia.  This is a good formula to have on-hand for the cold and flu season. 

Lung heat, inflammation and infection are conditions that often occur together causing chest tightness, wheezing, difficult breathing, cough and phlegm. RESPITROL HEAT contains herbs that clear heat in the lungs, reduce fever, and relieve coughing and wheezing, open bronchial airways, resolve phlegm and eliminate toxicity. 


RESPITROL HEAT is ideal for:

  • Viral or bacterial infection and inflammation of the lungs with cough, wheezing, difficult breathing, and shortness of breath
  • Thick yellow discharge from the nose or lungs
  • Asthma, bronchitis, and pneumonia with fever, infection or inflammation



  • Bronchodilating and anti-asthmatic effects that relax the bronchial muscles and relieves wheezing and difficult breathing
  • Antitussive and expectorant functions to stop cough and eliminate phlegm
  • Antipyretic action to reduce fever 
  • Antihistamine effect to treat allergy-induced respiratory disorders
  • Antibiotic effect to treat lung infections



Take 5 capsules three times a day with warm water on an empty stomach.  Begin RESPITROL HEAT with the first sign of respiratory discomfort for maximum effectiveness. Continue until symptoms resolve.  If combining with HERBAL AVR, take 3 capsules of each formula three times a day.